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Manitoba Family November 13, , 4: The CRA has approved our application and advised they are currently in the process of reviewing our adjustments we provided to them. Also, if the CRA initially advises they approved our child for coverage under the child disability credit program until , can they simp,y decide to cancel that in the middle of that covered time period? Reply bigcajunman November 13, , 5: Can the CRA cancel? They will most likely inform you of any review before-hand. Ariel November 1, , 2: Received August 18, Phone and asked if it was received.

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Written by Doug Runchey Doug Runchey worked for the Income Security Programs branch of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada for more than 32 years, and was a specialist in the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security legislation, regulations and policy areas.

Ontario Common Law Ontario The definition of what is common law in Ontario depends on what legal right is at issue. Each Ontario statute defines common law differently, so you could be considered common law for one purpose and not for another. In this article, I look at what family law and estate law rights and obligations a common law partner has.

If you and your partner are living common law, then you will be considered a spouse for spousal support purposes if you and your partner have cohabited for three years; or if you and your partner live in a relationship of permanence and have a child together. Once a common law partner is considered a spouse for spousal support purposes, they have the same rights and obligations regarding spousal support as if they were married.

The entitlement and amount of spousal support will depend on factors like: You can get a rough idea as to the amount and length of spousal support here. Property Rights Unlike a married spouse, a common law partner in Ontario has no right to seek an equalization of net family property a division of assets. Each person keeps what is in his or her name.

The Poverty Project: Funding

The page that you’re presently reading is viewed over 4, times a month. See Historical welfare program information and statistics further down on this page. For each Canadian province and territory, you’ll find links to the following info on this page: Department responsible for welfare – Link to the government department or ministry responsible for the administration of the welfare program.

See the Welfare Reforms in Canada page of this site for more information about the needs test under “Welfare in Canada Today”.

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Spousal Support

When a person with a disability owns his or her own home, that individual may feel more like a part of the community. This type of living arrangement allows them to feel connected to others in a way that living in an environment where someone else makes the rules does not. Buying a Home with Only Disability Income Not everyone who is disabled has a condition that has dated from birth.

It’s more likely that a person who is currently receiving disability benefits had his or her ability to earn an income affected by illness or an injury. In that case, he or she may have savings, investments, or other financial resources that can be used to help determine eligibility for a mortgage.

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For that reason that topic is dealt with in Ch. Cancellation, Suspension and Reduction Decisions: There are new, somewhat complicated transition rules governing new “date of grant” provisions – effective 25 May with some retroactive effect. These need to be reviewed carefully for retroactive payment eligibility. The transfer process from being a severely handicapped child to “adult” ODSP is normally anticipated by the ODSP workers in discussion with the recipient and their family, and initiated by them.

The other routes are discussed below. The vast majority of applicants are seeking to establish their medical status as a “person with a disability” PWD. Substitutes for PWD Status”. If the applicant is unable to effectively make the application themselves typically for mental disability reasons , a ‘responsible person’ may make and sign an application for them [Reg s. The role of such trustees and “fiduciaries” is discussed below in s.

Buying a Home with Only Disability Income

The Star and CBC This will be a 3-year pilot and the dollar amount to be provided looks to be the same as what was in the proposal with no impact on any drug and medical coverage. The program will begin rolling out spring and summer in Thunder Bay and the Hamilton area, including Brantford and Brant County. Lindsay will join the project in the fall. About 1, households will be chosen in the Hamilton area and another 1, will be invited to participate in Thunder Bay.

About 2, are expected to take part in Lindsay, where larger community impacts of the basic income will be studied. Participants must be living in one of the test locations for the past 12 months or longer to be eligible.

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These discussions help resolve cases quickly and efficiently, and enable officials at the facilities to take proactive measures to avert future complaints. We also received 15 complaints about youth custody facilities, down from 20 in , which were referred to the appropriate officials. These observational visits provided the Ombudsman and staff a chance to see the infrastructure and conditions of confinement at these institutions firsthand, and to speak directly with correctional staff, Ministry staff, and inmates.

Among the serious, systemic issues we have flagged to the Ministry in recent years are the use of force by correctional officers and the use and tracking of segregation placements of inmates. In both cases, the Ombudsman launched formal investigations into these issues, and the Ministry accepted all of the resulting recommendations. The new Correctional Services Transformation Act, will profoundly affect correctional services when it comes into force, particularly segregation placements.

More information about these matters can be found under Investigations. Medical issues Health care continues to be the most common type of complaint from inmates, representing more than half of the complaints we receive about correctional facilities. Most relate to problems or delays in receiving medication or treatment, and lack of access to doctors or dental care. For example, an inmate who was scheduled to have his left foot amputated due to infection complained to us that the infection had spread to his upper leg and the correctional facility was not responding to his concerns.

After our staff made inquiries, the man was sent to hospital, where a doctor confirmed and treated the secondary infection. A woman who had been on methadone prior to being incarcerated complained to us that the dose she was receiving in jail was too low.


For those of you who were able to read through the entire text, you may have come across some very important highlights, including: In the Budget, the government is also encouraging all provinces to look at introducing more streamlined alternative processes to formal guardianship arrangements, such as those in place in British Columbia. The Fund will continue its support for small projects which focus on removing barriers and enhancing accessibility.

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For the current amounts, see: What is considered as income for GIS purposes? Here is a link that provides more detail: Normally, GIS entitlement for any payment year July through June is based on income for the previous calendar year. For instance, GIS entitlement for the period of July through June is normally based on your income for the calendar year. This occurs when you have had a loss or reduction in some type of regularly recurring income for example, employment earnings, pension income or Employment Insurance benefits.

If this applies to you, contact Service Canada at and ask them to mail you a form for estimating your income for the current year. How is my GIS payment calculated? For the most part, your GIS payment is reduced from the maximum payable by 50 cents for every dollar of other income that you have. The actual amount of GIS is determined using a set of complex rate tables, available at: How do I apply for GIS?

Once you are receiving GIS, you renew your benefit automatically each year simply by completing your income tax return. As mentioned previously, GIS is payable only if you reside in Canada.

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